Sparco eMobility - The two-wheel partner you can rely on and feel safe.

The Sparco eMobility Scooter Range will be your new best way to travel around town. Reaching max speeds of 25km/hr - you can travel up to a maximum 45 km from a single charge. Expect to get there faster and safer with 8.5 inch Wheels, Rear Brake Pads, Shock Absorbers and an LCD display to show stats on your journey (speed & distance travelled, plus battery levels). The carefully engineered folding system also allows for optimal and easy storage, making this the best Eco-Friendly journey possible.







Folding System

Thanks to it’s smart construction the Sparco eMobility literally takes 1-2 seconds to fold and unfold. It is immensely convenient for taking on the train, the bus, storing it in your car or simply carrying it with you.


Top speed 25 Km/h

This powerful 350 Watt device will bring you from one spot to another in no time. The impressive top speed of 25km/h can be reached in a couple of seconds thanks to the smart transmission. Since we placed the motor into the rear wheel you can literally feel how fast it accelerates from 0 to 25km/h. Thanks to it’s 350 Watt strength and the rear-wheel placement you can also easily climb hills with a 15-degree incline and more.


Long-lasting, reliable Cells.
Fast Charging.

We guarantee you the best possible quality by equipping the eMobility with high-performance cells. A total 12.5Ah strong battery will be able to bring you on a long-lasting journey of up to 35km and more on a single charge. The fast charging system takes 6-8 hours to be 100% ready again.

LCD Display

The scooter has a built-in LCD Display which shows both the current speed as well as the current battery status to keep you updated – You can also check out the distance you’ve driven and the current Drive Mode you are using.

Handle Bar (Wider)

With a complete width of 57cm you are able to drive save and stable yet not losing the fun. The length of our handle bar is wider than most common scooters and will give you a perfect stability, even while at the top speed of 25 km/h.

Adjustable Height

With 3 individual possible heights to choose from you can easily adjust the height of the front-part to support your back and drive with the most convenient positioning possible.

8.5” Wheels

Our solid shock-absorbed but air-filled wheels are the perfect solution to give you a softer feeling when passing pavements or similar surfaces without damaging the actual motor. It will give you a perfectly stable and secure but fun riding experience across different terrains.

Maximum Riding Comfort

We purposely developed & constructed the product in a way to create maximum possible comfort. By positioning the motor in the rear wheel and the battery next to the motor, you’ll have an elegant riding experience throughout your journey like you’ve never had it before. The spacious deck where you’ll stand offers enough space for your feet without losing control or having any risk of slipping off. We have also added extra grip for extra safety in the likely event that your deck gets wet.

There are 3 different riding modes adjusted to your needs:


To make sure that you ride safe during the darker hours of the evening, the Scooter has both a built in front and rear light feature with enough luminosity to brighten your ride and ensure you are visible enough. The rear light also acts as braking light, upon pressing the brake it will blink automatically in full brightness.


The Scooter is equipped with integrated high-luminous LED-Lights which help to brighten up all paths during dark evenings & nights. Simply press the main button quickly twice to activate it or do the same to undo it. The Scooter comes with both the front- and rearlight plus also a safe & visible braking right.


The scooter connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone App and shows speed, total length, actual length etc. It has 3 riding modes (Eco / Normal / Sport) which you can adjust manually and a Scooter Lock function for safety & security. You can easily read the battery status which is leftover in % to know when you’ll have to recharge your Scooter again.

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